Heal, Grow & Connect

As a therapist in the Portland/Vancouver Area, I offer a safe, empathic environment for individuals/couples to heal, grow and achieve their true potential.  I support you in finding and pursuing your “calling”, and living your life with love and self-compassion.  Together, we will work on barriers that prevent you from connecting deeply with yourself and with others.

I have extensive training and experience in many different facets of social work, but find my services can best be divided into one of three categories. Select the one that best fits why you’re here:

Whatever your needs, hopes, or desires might be, it helps to have a dedicated team behind you, helping you to become who you want to become.  Through my extensive training and years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker, I have helped many individuals to a more fulfilling existence, knowing who they are and how they can be better.  I would like to help you on your journey as well.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you find answers to questions here that lead you on your path to a life full of love and self-compassion.